Access to QNTC

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Access to QNTC

Post by MegumiSawada » Mon May 12, 2014 11:35 am


Our customer would like to access data under /QNTC directory on IFS with LongReach.

The customer changed the configuration of httpd.xml under longreach/jsm/instance/system to see that directory,like:

<parameter name="service.folder.base" value="/QNTC"/>

The customer set QNTC directory to share by iSeries access and confirmed that they can open that folder with user LONGADM from WRKLNK command.

However, LongReach denied access saying "The access to the path has been denied".

Is it not possible to access QNTC directory by LongReach?

I appreciate your kind advice.

Best Regards,
Megumi Sawada

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Re: Access to QNTC

Post by alick » Mon May 19, 2014 2:38 pm

LongReach has been designed to have the highest security and restriction of file and folder access.

The following are reserved paths and cannot be accessed.

Reserved File Systems

/QDLS - Document
/QOPT - Optical
/QNTC - NetServer
/QNetWare - NetWare
/QSYS.LIB - Library
/QOpenSys - Open systems
/QFileSvr.400 - File server

Reserved Folders

/QIBM - QIBM products

The following error message would be returned.

message.031=Path access denied: %1
message.031=パスへのアクセスが拒否されました: %1

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Re: Access to QNTC

Post by alick » Mon May 19, 2014 3:29 pm

I have configured LongReach to access a folder on a Windows Vista machine.

LongReach App ---> IBMI ---> QNTC ---> ALICKVISTA shared folder

1. I configured my IBMi user profile 'ALICK' and Vista user profile 'ALICK' to have the same password.

2. I created a folder on the Vista machine C:\IBMIShare' and shared it.

3. I signed on to the IBMi as ALICK and using WRKLNK OBJ('/QNTC'), I could navigate to the shared folder.

4. I then used the ADDLNK command to create a link from the shared folder to my LongReach user folder.

5. Using the LongReach App, I could now access file on my Vista machine from my iPad via the IBMi.




RMVLNK OBJLNK('/longreachdata/user/ALICK/MYVISTA')

RMVLNK OBJLNK('/longreachdata/user/ALICK/MYVISTA2')

============================================================================= ... s8N1018146

Path names have the following form: /QNTC/Servername/Sharename/Directory/

A system user profile, called QDFTOWN, owns all of the files and directories in QNTC.

The authority to NT server files and directories is administered from the Windows NT server.


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