iOS 8 Issues

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iOS 8 Issues

Post by alick » Thu Sep 18, 2014 8:58 am

The main functionality of LongReach file and folder transfer is working in iOS 8.

There are only 3 iOS8 issues.

1. Files are highlighted red, to signify that local files are not data protected.

2. The Location/Map (.loc file) view is not working, refer to item 3.

3. The text file saving does not truncate data.
When less data is saved to an existing file, the end file marker (EOF) is not moved.
The file contains trailing data from the previous version.
This effects location/map file changes and edit text changes via the text view editor.
This behaviour exists in iOS 7 and possibly earlier iOS versions.

These issues are being investigated.

The NSFileProtectKey attribute issue has been reported by other App developers.


File Data Protection Issue

I have used a Mac based tool to access files when the device is locked and the files are protected.

Also existing files before the iOS 8 upgrade now appear red.

The LongReach code uses the NSFileManager attributesOfItemAtPath to get file attributes and checks the NSFileProtectKey attribute.

This code has worked since iOS 4, 5, 6 and 7.



The extended attribute key that identifies the protection level for this file.



The file is stored in an encrypted format on disk and cannot be read from or written to while the device is locked or booting.


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